Happy Easter from the Bot Laboratory.

This (Stanford) bunny was printed using the Euclid Robot 3D printer utilizing the Ron 2.1 extruder. Printed in ABS plastic with one wall (single thickness shell) and no infill it took about 2.5 hours to complete.

Just to be clear, that’s not photoshop trickery, it really is a person walking behind the bunny in the first photo.

[photography by Nicole Caldwell]

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Easter eggs awaiting their team leader for a strategy session

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How many teams got this 3D printer through FIRST Choice? The Smithsonian Natural History Museum is using one as part of their documentation of the new T-Rex skeleton for their exhibit opening in 2019

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Seattle entrepreneur is turning old soda bottles into 3D printer ‘ink’


Seattle entrepreneur is turning old soda bottles into 3D printer ‘ink’

Seattle entrepreneur is turning old soda bottles into 3D printer ‘ink’

Above: Multicolored ABS filament rolls are the plastic “ink” used by most consumer 3D printers.

Image Credit: Rick Pollack/Flickr

Most consumer 3D printers use “ink” made of colored plastic line.

But despite the self-reliant and Earth-friendly bent of many 3D printing hobbyists, it’s surprisingly difficult to find 3D printing line, or filament, that’s made of recycled plastic — despite the…

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Ocarina actually plays. briemoo may be annoyed at me as I learn to play. Printed in two halves and the sealed together with caulk to form a perfect whistle. A little paint will clean up that edge and no one’ll know.

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I needed a zipper. Could have spent 20 minutes and $2 driving to the store, or 2 minutes setup and 5 cents 3d printing it. At first I was worried that such a small part wouldn’t be strong enough but holding it now I’m pretty sure I could beat it with a hammer. Small hammer. Rubber mallet maybe.

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My first blog from Taipei, Taiwan for itbusiness

Last week I was an official guest of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in Taipei.

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Topolabs hat eine neue Software entwickelt, bei der der Extruder in allen 3 Achsen gleichzeitig geführt wird, so dass die entstehenden Schichten auch der Form des Objekts entsprechen. Dies gibt gedruckten Schrägen bessere Festigkeit und ermöglicht Schrägen zu drucken ohne diese nachbehandeln zu müssen.

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Updates from GE


Fit to Print: New GE Plant Will Assemble World’s First Passenger Jet Engine With 3D Printed Fuel Nozzles, Next-Gen Materials

GE – GE Aviation will open a new assembly plant in Indiana to build the world’s first passenger jet engine with 3D printed fuel nozzles and next-generation materials, including heat-resistant ceramic matrix composites (CMCs)and breakthrough carbon fiber fan blades woven in…

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