Bear On Stairs

With highly accurate 3D animation the standard in today’s world, it’s refreshing to see someone taking animation back to its origins when every frame was hand made… even if they did use highly modern technology.

The creative folks at DBLG recently finished up an in-house project that sees an animated bear walking up a never ending flight of stairs, and each frame in this animation is individually 3D printed!

To create Bear on Stairs the team designed and printed 50 individual 3D printed sculptures featuring their polygonal bear lumbering along. Each example was then precisely placed on their set, photographed and added to the final video, with the process taking a total of 4 weeks to complete. That’s some dedication for a 2 second clip! Take a look at the video below to see a quick run through the process and the final animation from a number of angles.

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Carpenter who cut off fingers makes ‘Robohand’ with printer


(article contains description of injury)


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Future of Food Learning Tour: 3D Systems


3D printer is on the rise to become the hottest topic in technology world and most tech conferences would not be complete if you do not see numbers of these magic boxes floating around gathering people’s attention. One company managed to generate the most fuzz at SXSW Interactive last month because they delivered to the audience the most intricate form of everybody’s favorite – 3D printed Candy! During Future of Food Learning Tour, we had the fortune to not only taste test them and also hear from William Hu from 3D systems about these delicious multi-dimensional indulgences.


Being a major manufacturer of 3D printing equipment, 3D systems brought the idea of possible 3D printed candy to life when they acquired The Sugar Lab in 2013. The intention behind this product is to get the public to think about endless possibilities that can happen in the culinary industry. William Hu shares that because the preciseness of 3D printer, it is possible to control not only the color but also the flavor of each tiny part of the candy. Imagine what a candy will taste like when the layers and sequence of flavors can be precisely designed!

There are many exciting things that we can anticipate from 3D systems this year that will continue to flip our sensation. The company had announced a partnership with Hershey to create 3D printed chocolate. They are also planning to roll out sugar 3D printers so that bakeries, chefs and restaurants can take advantage with this technology and play with their own ideas. With the increasing demand of highly personalized food that are designed carefully to specific user needs, Williams says that he sees this kind of artistic form permeates in high-end markets in the near future. Chefs and restaurants will be able to explore the digital dimension that they were never able to reach before with 3D printers. In a few years, it will be common to have a wedding cake designed to exactly how you want it to be AND the couple on top of the cake that are now plastic will be edible.

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3D Print of the update wrist plate design. I added some curves and angled parts to help the flex sensor mount points line up with the fingers. The thumb part particularly has been changed quite significantly.

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German designer Maiko Gubler works on projects that merge digital art with wearable jewelry.

She is a visual artist working with digital modelling tools in imagery and sculpture. Her work explores the intersection of the real and the virtual through the combination of 3D technologies and analogue crafts. She is interested in the indefiniteness of mixed realities, categories and disciplines and is compelled to embrace the virtual as actual.

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MAD’s “GID Green” Micro MAD*L 3D printed figures… AVAILABLE at @kidrobot, Boulder signing event!


NEW POST: imageAre you heading out for the Jeremy “MAD" Madl and @MrScottTolleson signing event at @kidrobot, Boulder this Friday?!?! Well, if you are part of the select few, you also get first crack at a run of "GID Green" 3D printed Micro-MAD*L’s… which look awesome! This has to be like the 7th or 8th colorway released of these little 35mm tall micro’s and they all come bagged with a header card… a perfect little piece to commemorate the event! No word on a price… but if past releases are any indication, expect them to be around the $15 mark.

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Metal sonic is about ready

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Jewelry making of the future! #sla3dprinter #3dprint #3dprinting #designfor3d #3dinprinting #customdesigns #3dprinted #create #technology #design #develop #jewelry

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Pocket Printer by Zuta Labs

Not only a portable design, but able to print on any size page.

it finally feels like 2014

What A Time to Be ALIVE.

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